Chelmsford Passport Office
Finding Your Way To Rosebery House For Your British Passport Interview

Chelmsford Passport Office for British passport interview and checks is located on the first floor of Rosebery House along Springfield Road in Chelmsford. It is easy to locate. Where are you now? Follow our guide below to find your way down. All the best with your interview!

So you have got your interview for your British passport in Chelmsford? Congratulations!

Looking for the address? It is:
Chelmsford Passport Office

1st floor

Rosebery House

41 Springfield Road

Chelmsford, Essex


The Chelmsford passport interview office is located on the first floor of Rosebery House, directly opposite the entrance to the Chelmsford Springfield Road Tesco shop, on the same side as Argos Extra in Chelmsford City centre. It is one of the 69 centres in the UK designated for the interview of adults applying for a British passport for the first time.

Use our Google Map to orientate yourself from your current location if you are already in Chelmsford. It is about 10 minutes walk from Chelmsford train station:

Thinking of what the interview will be like? It is a 10 to 20 minutes easy interview aimed at verifying the details you submitted during your application. They would be asking you questions like your name, date of birth, place of birth, bank details, financial associations, mortgage if any, etc. Worried about your ability to speak English? Don't. The Identity and Passport Service (IPS) agent attending to you will ensure they get you an interpreter. Never loose sleep because of the interview. Just make sure you find your way there on time.

Talking about finding your way to the Chelmsford passport interview office at Rosebery House Chelmsford, you can get there by train or bus and of course, taxi. Where are you coming from?

If you are coming in from London, take one of the trains going to Braintree, or Colchester or Ipswich or Norwich or Harwich that is sure to stop at Chelmsford - watch out, not all train stops in Chelmsford. Stop at the Chelmsford train station on Duke Street.

Walking From Chelmsford Train Station To Rosebery House

The Chelmsford passport office is about 10 minutes walk from the train station. Continue on Duke street and walk towards the city centre high street shops. You will get to HSBC bank. Walk down the pavement towards Natwest and proceed further about 70 yards on the same side as Natwest to reach Gap Store.

To the side of Gap fashion store, is a walk way (alleyway). Go through the alleyway and walk towards the car park and Tesco stores will come into view. The Chelmsford passport interview office in Rosebery house, Springfield Road Chelmsford is just opposite Tesco.

Getting To Chelmsford Passport Office By Bus

You can catch a bus from the front of Chelmsford Train Station to Rosebery House. Look for bus number 56 or bus 54 going towards Springfield. Any of these buses will stop by Tesco. It is only the second bus stop from the train station. Once you highlight from the bus, walk towards Tesco store entrance and look straight ahead and find the Rosebery house.

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