Chelmsford Drug and Alcohol
Team (CDAT )

CDAT is the Chelmsford Community Drug and Alcohol Team, also called "Changes" in Chelmsford. They provide practical help and advice to users of alcohol or recreational drugs to make changes in their lives. See what they can do for you today.

Looking for Counselling in Chelmsford to help kick alcohol or drugs habit? You are in the right place.

You will get help and support to reduce and in deed overcome the physical and psychological dependence on drugs or alcohol, as well as support to manage the social, emotional and physical problems that might arise from being hooked to these substances.

If you are 16 years or more, and live with the Chelmsford, Braintree, Halstead Witham, Maldon, Burnham and Southminster area, you can get help with CDAT.

You do not need to see your GP or anyone to get referred, though your GP or social worker can refer you if you want. Call the number below to get an appointment booked. You will be seen by a dedicated Chelmsford Drug and Alcohol Team worker.

Things To Expect

Changes Chelmsford, or CDAT can be contacted at:

Community Drug & Alcohol Team

Unit 4 & 5 Cornell Estate

Navigation Road




Telephone: 01245 318580

Opening time is 9AM To 5PM on Mondays To Thursdays (closes 7PM on Tuesdays), and 9AM to 4.30PM on Fridays.

Once contacted, you will expect to:

  • Get assessed for extent of problem and range of help that may be needed
  • Help with detoxification or methadone replacement therapy as may be needed
  • Provision of regular telephone support
  • Assessment for possible HIV / HepC infection in high risk individuals and help with vaccination and treatment where possible
  • Help with provision of accommodation for those who are faced with homelessness.
  • Provision and support for close family members if needed
  • Provision of liaison with other health care professionals as may be required for the overall rehabilitation of individuals

Be rest assured that your confidentiality is highly protected, and Chelmsford Community Drugs and Alcohol Team works tirelessly to promote clients independence and social inclusion. You can avail yourself of the opportunity to train and learn new skills if you want, to help regain total control of your life, that Chelmsford drug and alcohol team provides.

If your main concern is housing, you can approach CHESS Chelmsford for emergency accommodation in Chelmsford.

The book, Overcoming Your Alcohol, Drug and Recovery Habits: An Empowering Alternative to AA and 12-Step Treatment has been found by many to be useful in overcoming alcohol problems. You could get it from Amazon

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